Continuous Improvement


Do you want to increase the overall profitability of your company’s operations by lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your Infor Distribution FACTS system? If so, you may be interested in our Continuous Improvement Initiative (‘CII’), a proven approach to optimizing your FACTS business system.


Improvement Express can help your business get on the fast track to greater profitability. E&A business will review business processes and provide a valuable “current state” analysis to you.

Improvement Express will identify constraints or obstacles in your operating environment, allowing you to pinpoint new opportunities for operational improvement. Our business consultants with years of FACTS and industry expertise will schedule half and full day onsite visits to review business processes and provide a ‘current state’ analysis to you.

  • Benefits of Improvement Express
  • Learn how you can sell more effectively without significant new investments in human capital.
  • Minimize your inventory investments while you maximize service to customers.
  • Implement pricing strategies that help protect margins and build profits.
  • Align FACTS with your current business environment for maximum efficiency.
  • Minimize project risk while you implement new productivity-enhancing technologies.
  • Ensure that technology and business solutions are delivered on time.
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Network Express can help maximize your computer system resources and protect your business from the unexpected by implementing state-of-the-art data back-up and recovery processes.

Our hardware and network systems experts understand how to configure solutions that are specially suited to Infor Distribution FACTS. From small, single-site solutions to large systems with hundreds of end users and dozens of remote offices, we can show you how to deploy cost-effective solutions that deliver the kind of performance you expect.

  • Benefits of Network Express
  • Right size your hardware systems to deliver the optimum performance at least cost.
  • Improve access to system resources and information across the enterprise.
  • Secure your most sensitive data.
  • Improve your odds of survivability in case the unexpected strikes (fire, flood, hurricane, theft, etc.).
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Update Express can help keep Infor Distribution FACTS current with the latest supplemental and interim releases prescribed by Infor.

Update Express offers you, the end user a wide variety of software fixes and enhancements while increasing feature/functionality. And with the new FACTS architecture, we can install these important integrations, patches and bug fixes swiftly and economically.

  • Benefits of Update Express
  • Lower the cost and complexity of your next major upgrade.
  • Improve employee satisfaction by reducing support issues.
  • Fine-tune your FACTS system for peak performance.
  • Take advantage of new FACTS feature/functionality and add on modules as soon as possible.
  • Expedites the resolution to problems when reported to Infor.
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