For Current Customers

Earnest & Associates offers online education services through E&A University, where qualified instructors with years of experience deliver their specialized knowledge to you. Using a computer speakers and Internet connection, students learn from the comfort of their own desks. Live sessions encourage student/instructor interaction using audio and chat tools. Recorded sessions provide an asynchronous learning experience whenever it is convenient for you and your employees. Most classes include full documentation that students can use for future reference. E&A University offers employers a compelling return on investment by significantly increasing employee retention and end user productivity at a reasonable cost.


About E&A University

Visit the E&A University web site to login to your account. Currently, E&A University offers live and recorded classes for Infor Distribution SX.e, Infor Distribution FACTS and Infor ERP TakeStock.


How To Enroll

To enroll, login to E&A University, then browse through the live classes and click the Registration link. An email confirmation of your registration will be promptly returned to you from Webex with all the information you need.


About the Live, Recorded and Custom Sessions

E&A University instructors regularly present Live classes which are recorded and saved at the Web site. End users can view the recordings on-demand whenever it is most convenient for them.

Additionally, libraries can be password-protected to allow restricted access to specific groups of end users. For example, your company may want to record training sessions provided by E&A as part of a system upgrade, software customization or other project. A library can be setup at E&A University where this training can be captured and made available to your employees.


Unlimited Education Plan

For a reasonable flat-fee, you will gain unlimited access to both live and recorded training for 12 months. Take as many live and pre-recorded classes as often as you like! Customized libraries are setup per your requirements at an additional cost. For pricing, please contact us.


Additional Information

All classes are offered online so that you may comfortably view the presentations using your high-speed internet connection. You will need a separate phone line to participate in the conference call during live class sessions, and your PC will need a sound card to enable you to listen to the audio when you playback recorded classes.

If you have already subscribed to E&A University and require a login to register for classes or to access the recorded sessions, select the ‘I do not have an account:’ option.