Beyond Journal Entries and General Ledgers. Accounting measures customer behavior and your business’ profitability potential.


Twentieth century accounting systems were the gateway for distributors and manufacturers. We know this because that’s where we started. Then we helped businesses like yours cross hurdles around Y2K. Later we helped them survive financial meltdowns and then grow in boom years.

We know these markets well and what it takes to grow, manage, prosper, and run lean in them. We have the uncommon knowledge of being in the ERP accounting systems for distribution and manufacturing business for over 40 years.


The Accounting function today is flexible to adapt to outside systems and efficient in automating tasks. Accounting is nimble in the analysis of data and capable of providing insights to leadership and guidance to the entire organization.

Accounting today is a hub for information and insight that is transformative for sales, profit, procurement, and ownership.

Accounting is insight and action.


If you are beyond, or want to get beyond accounting as a task, E&A can help.

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