Customer Relationship Management

Relationships are more than phone numbers and email addresses.


When was the last time you went to one of your customers and called them just to talk about sports or their family? Never, right? The relationship has so many touch points from delivery to sales to accounting and marketing; the question becomes where are you documenting any of those interactions? That’s why CRM systems exist—to connect the transactions in the relationship to the view of the whole relationship. From email and marketing to sales and spend BI, CRM is the info hub for your business.


Many businesses rely on lots of individual email accounts and separate BI tools, and still others use disconnected tools to handle marketing and call reports.

The uncommon distributors and manufacturers have them integrated. Wouldn’t that make running your business easier?

From experience we know the pain of double data entry, disconnected systems with hard to manage integrations, and really cool third-party products that cannot be fully integrated to ERPs. We know because our clients bring us these problems.

Not anymore. As the uncommon denominator, E&A partners with you to chart a course that leverages technology to solve problems—not cobble problems and integrations into bigger problems. We know ERP and CRM and how distributors can use these tools to get on the path to strategic growth for revenue and profitability. And most importantly, you need to be able to update this information irrespective of your location or device.


If you are struggling with getting CRM seamlessly into your environment or taking the first step toward selecting a CRM system, we can help. #workisbeautiful with @earnestassoc.


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