Order Processing

Sell more effectively by being in the know, all the time.


Many ERPs struggle to connect the dots between data entry and real-time status and product availability. Not so with Infor’s Distribution ERP products.


Your clients are making quick decisions and buying based on price, availability, and relationship. Not necessarily in that order. E&A brings decades of experience and best practices to the table for you to take advantage of, to benefit your sales and service through technology.

When technology becomes an employee, not just an expense, you can set expectations for it, measure effectiveness, and set a course for improvement. Order Processing is the customer-facing experience that highlights all the capabilities that technology has to offer. Paired with E&A’s experience, it is foundational for distributors’ forward-looking success opportunities.

Order Processing leverages current technologies with a business collaboration zone. Imagine placing an order and seeing a chain of comments relating to that order and chatter surrounding it, instead of having to chase down a chain of emails. And that activity can drive advanced workflows and track responses or the lack thereof. The key is leveraging that feature to your benefit, and that’s E&A’s forte.

Order Processing (and its associated data) is a critical component of the supply chain, providing visibility both inside and outside of your organization to the real-time status. The automation that follows the order process is core functionality that is included in the software. What’s not included in the software is E&A’s expertise and approach to help you get the most out of the software in a way that fits your business’s needs and processes.


Ready to be more connected to your business? Contact E&A about your revenue generation portal to success—order processing.