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Inventory & Material Handling

You don’t have to sacrifice tight control of your inventory to get flexibility of flow in your materials handling.


You need tight controls to ensure the costs, availability, and location of your materials are correct. But you also need flexibility in your materials flow to ensure you can meet your customer and production deadlines. These may seem like incompatible objectives, but they are not.


E&A are specialists in building material handling systems that meet both the unique handling needs of its customers and include the necessary internal controls to assure materials cost and specification integrity and flexible flow and access. E&A systems incorporate the following critical material handling competencies:

  • Multi-Site / Warehouse / Bin / Location Stocking, Transfer, and Tracking
  • Integrated Availability Visibility
  • Multiple Costing Methodologies and Unit of Measures Conversion
  • Attribute / Dimensional Inventory Capability
  • Production Floor Material Issuance
  • Material Dispatching
  • Integrated Material Inspection


Contact E&A to discuss how we can help you get the conflict out of your material handling processes.