Sourcing & Production Planning

Get it right from the beginning—sourcing & production planning starts at the time of sale.

Blown production budgets, missed promise dates, and unfulfilled customer expectations occur because of a lack of coordination and collaboration between the sales process and the sourcing and production planning processes.


E&A leverages technology to build systems that foster collaboration and communication between all of the sales, material planning, and production decision makers through a shared information platform that opens up visibility into:

  • Material and Resource Availability and Sales Order Resources Allocation
  • Material Resource Planning
  • Production Scheduling
  • Supply Chain Resource Management
  • Historical Order and Item Conformation – Customer Specifications; Bill of Materials; Work Order Setup

This information platform enables the making of realistic customer commitments with confidence at the time of sale knowing that:

  • The availability of material, outside services, and production resources have been considered
  • Work order routers are set to quickly start production and deliver output to customer specifications
  • Coordination between procurement and production are set in place and ready to go


Lay a plan of success from the outset of the sale for delivering on your customer commitments and achieving your company’s financial goals.

E&A will help you more tightly align your sales, procurement, and production efforts.


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