Tim Plotner

Director of Emerging Technology

Tim is passionate about building exceptional software, dedicating his entire career to developing and implementing world-class solutions for the SMB space–a space he believes is rarely understood by the big software houses.

Early in his career, Tim spent 10 years with a reseller of Infor’s FACTS ERP, where he led installations, training, modifications and support for wholesale distributors. He later joined Infor (then Software Solutions, Inc.) in 1994. Over the next 2+ decades, Tim served as Chief Architect of the FACTS ERP product, distinguishing himself as a leader in bringing powerful solutions to SMB distributors. Tim has also made significant contributions to numerous initiatives for Infor’s SX.e/CSD and Enspire ERPs.

Following his tenure at Infor, Tim then spent a year and a half as the Director of Service Delivery for Intradiem, Inc., rounding out his expertise in the delivery and implementation of cloud-based SAAS solutions. He then joined E&A in 2018.

Tim’s role as Director of Emerging Technologies at E&A marked a return to his roots in creating comprehensive solutions for the distribution and manufacturing space. He brings that mission to E&A’s portfolio of products like ProAdvisor and ProSales–two world-class Power BI solutions that solve complex requirements yet are accessible to the SMB market. And he looks forward to building the next generation of software for E&A!