Profit and Performance Optimization focused on Sales Empowerment.

In a very friendly and easy-to-understand interface incorporating a Microsoft Power BI based chassis, ProSales enables users to apply industry leading Customer Stratification and Modeling Theory to their unique sales environment and dynamics for identifying opportunities to grow top-line revenue, margin and bottom-line EBITDA while increasing fulfillment throughput and customer satisfaction.

Unleash the Hidden Sales Potential You Already Have

ProSales empowers companies to discover the unexploited sales and profit growth opportunities already existing within their current sales mix. Considering that a company’s current customer base accounts for over 67% of its sales, maximizing the contribution from this account base is a company’s most effective means in terms of effort and cost to grow and to grow profitably. Coupling a cutting-edge user interface with a leading Customer Stratification business theory promulgated by the CRDBP, NAW and Texas A&M’s School of Industrial Distribution, ProSales empowers companies to easily discover their unique opportunities to grow sales and profit and monitor their success in pursuing this growth.

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    Meet Our Team of Experts

    With our vast expertise and profound industry insights, E&A will guide you in navigating the ever-evolving technological landscape and help propel your organization toward new heights of profitability and growth.

    Meet The Team

    ProSales – A Roadmap for Growing Sales, Profitably

    ProSales helps companies grow their sales mix contribution by illuminating how to:

    • Grow sales and margins even in the most competitive of market verticals
    • Increase the sales volume and yields of already profitable customers without risking damage to the customer relationship
    • Cost-effectively grow sales volume and yields from underperforming customers
    • Drive higher profit from high service drain customers with tight margins
    • Best align sales resources to sales mixes that have faster sales conversion and generate higher yields and EBITDA.

    ProSales – How to Become Better than your Competition

    ProSales will improve a company’s effectiveness in:

    • Deployment of its sales assets
    • Its ability to negotiate with customers
    • Generating and identifying opportunities for growth of sales and bottom-line profit.
    • Optimizing its item pricing to garner market share
    • Managing inventory for improved fulfillment
    • Publishing of sales content and marketing communications
    • Alignment of sales compensation to company goals
    • Growing return on assets and shareholder value