We use data. We value information.

Are your business decisions based on mere data, or are they based on insightful information? If you answered the former, you’re likely leaving a lot of business on the table.

Data is certainly a crucial component of informed decision-making, but on its own data is raw and devoid of contextual insights. Without context, the decision maker does not know what data is relevant. It is not clear how data relates to specific activities and areas of the company or how its impact translates to the company collectively as a whole. Consequently, despite a wealth of data being available in this digital age, many critical business decisions made are still based on gut feel or intuition.

Information, on the other hand, is data that has been contextualized to company objectives. Information is data that is presented in terms of relationship – in relationship to other downstream and upstream company operations and actions and to the goals that are influenced by it. Information can convey how seemingly disparate activities relate and meld together to affect the entire organization. Therefore, decisions made based on information are far superior to any other approach when driving strategies that impact your business performance.

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    We designed ProAdvisor with this distinction in mind to support exceptional information-driven decisions making.

    Our customers consider ProAdvisor to be a top-tier business performance management tool because it bridges that gap between big data outputs devoid of analytical value and robust thinking that drives growth and profitability.

    ProAdvisor connects hundreds of distribution and manufacturing analytics to your company objectives in one easy-to-use interface. It empowers decision makers to be able to see and understand how multiple activities inter-relate to drive end results and how these activities relate to company goals. Information is presented within the context of real company scenarios.  ProAdvisor’s results-driven insights help decision makers stay focused on company actions and goals instead of getting lost in weeds of data.

    Improves Your Decision-Making Ability

    ProAdvisor helps you accomplish your company goals by:

    • Enabling you to compare your results to industry benchmarks and those of competitors
    • Identifying the root causes of underperformance and the constraints that present obstacles to accomplishing your goals
    • Exposing those causes within the context of the source contributor, and across all areas and functions impacted within the company

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