Easy, Intuitive Cloud-Based ERP Data Analysis

Access to ERP data is a fundamental part of making accurate and comprehensive business decisions. While any ERP will house that data, most stop short of providing intuitive access. And most don’t produce reports that facilitate sophisticated decision-making required to move companies forward.

CloudDecisions allows you to extract data from your ERP on a schedule you define, saving your IT team countless hours they would otherwise spend on manual data organization and report creation. Stored in a SQL database, the data can be presented in a format of your choice–Excel spreadsheets or Microsoft’s Power BI.

Why Choose CloudDecisions?

If you’re in the early stages of using ERP data analysis tools, then CloudDecisions is the application for you.

These are just some of the benefits of CloudDecisions:

  • Saves time and money when creating ERP reports
  • Provides built-in graphical analysis, which is more powerful than plain spreadsheets.
  • Ideal for sharing information and group presentations.
  • Storing data in a SQL database allows for analysis to be conducted outside of the
  • ERP database, rather than impacting daily ERP processes.
  • A comparatively low-cost solution for warehousing ERP data.
  • Leverages existing Excel user licenses.

CloudDecisions is a cloud application that runs on E&A’s Azure environment and is sold on a subscription basis. Standard licenses for Excel and/or Power BI are required.

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    CloudDecisions: ERP Data Analysis that Improves Your Business

    If you want to achieve higher productivity and make business decisions that will help your business grow profitably, CloudDecisions is your answer. Our tool can help you achieve outcomes such as:

    • Easy ERP data access
    • Smart ERP data analysis
    • Fast ERP reporting
    • Freeing up time for IT teams
    • Avoiding additional load on ERP processes
    • Saving time and money

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