Dynamic ERP Data Management

Are you able to intuitively access data from your Infor CloudSuite Distribution in a form that you can use for smart decision-making? If not, you need more sophisticated ERP data management that can deliver insights needed to future-proof your operations, outperform your competitors, and improve your profitability.

ProData provides that next level of ERP data management. Our tool communicates with the Infor Data Fabric and replicates the data in an accessible data warehouse in near real time. The SQL database it creates to store your data can be accessed by virtually any tool.

Dynamic Access to Business Data: That’s Why We Built ProData.

ProData is the most efficient and effective way of accessing your data while at the same time maintaining control over sensitive information. A wide range of tools can access the ProData database to take ERP data management to the next level, resulting in more effective operations and higher profitability.

These are just some of the benefits of using ProData:

  • Data is stored in a SQL database, where virtually any reporting tool can access it.
  • Data resides on Azure or a customer’s on-premise system, not a third party vendor’s servers, which leaves the customer in control of their data.
  • The available data is near real time. No batch updates are used that require extensive time, effort, and system resources to fix issues as they arise.
  • The data coming from the ERP data lake is cleaned as it is replicated.
  • ProData is Microsoft-centric. Customers who already use Microsoft products such as Excel can easily pull data into an Excel spreadsheet from the Azure installation.
  • ProData constantly monitors its operation to identify issues before they become emergencies.
  • Earnest & Associates provides training and support to make access to your ERP data a seamless process.

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