eCommerce Digital Transformation

eCommerce Digital transformation has been occurring within most industries prior to 2020 and the impact of COVID, as broadband internet speeds became the norm for businesses and residences alike.  But the changes in how and where we all worked during the early days of the COVID pandemic advanced this transformation at an incredible pace. A McKinsey Survey of executives concluded that many companies were able to accelerate their digital transformation by 3 to 4 years in a matter of months, because they had little alternatives.  Most of those changes are here to stay and the transformation continues.

E&A’s Preferred Solutions

Unilog’s CX1

A complete suite of eCommerce modules that is paired with a deep domain experience in providing content through product enrichment.


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Our own eCommerce Interconnect solution for the FACTS ERP that connects FACTS to a variety of ecommerce platforms.

Channel Advisor for CSD/SX.e

Enabling a two way connection between your CSD or SX.e ERP and the omni-channel functionality of Channel Advisor.

Unilink EDI

An EDI subscription solution integrated with your CSD/SX.e environment.

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    Omni-Channel Operations

    We now recognize that almost any product can be ordered electronically, even if it is going to be picked up at the local warehouse. Amazon has reset the bar for the on-line experience across the board. The proliferation of many on-line marketplaces means that many distributors and manufacturers are now considered omni-channel providers. EDI, once rumored to be on the verge of extinction, continues to be a vital electronic supply chain order management and logistics.