Sales Enablement Solutions for Your Business

Empowering your sales team is a critical part of any business and often becomes the key to their (and your success). Sales Empowerment happens when you combine sales enablement solutions with training that supports a strategic vision. A salesperson that believes that they have been given the resources that they need to succeed is more likely to produce better results for your company.

Aim for a Win-Win Deployment

It is important to have the appropriate CRM tools and to deploy them in such a way that the sales team understands that it will enable them to improve their sales performance and commissions earned.  Using CRM as a mechanism to “watch over” a sales team will likely assure that it will fail to generate the results you are seeking. This is the primary reason sales enablement projects fail at a relatively high rate.

Our Sales Enablement Solutions:

Infor CRM

A solution that is feature-rich but can be easily configured for the tasks that your company needs to improve. While designed for Infor products, it can connect with many ERP solutions.


E&A’s mobile solution for a sales team with smartphones, providing real-time access to customer records and the ability to enter a Sales Order using the ERP ordering rules.

Facts RM

A Relationship Management module built exclusively for the Infor FACTS ERP solution.

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    The Right Tools Matter

    A salesperson with the appropriate sales technology tools will have more influence over sales processes.  When a salesperson has access to the right data, they can make autonomous decisions that support company policies.

    In contrast, not having the correct tools or not employing them effectively can negatively impact sales operations, increasing the length of the sales cycle, impacting your ability to meet revenue targets, and generating a positive customer experience.