Business Intelligence (BI)

As technology solutions capture more and more data; and as the direct cost of maintaining that data has declined over the years, Big Data has become a reality.  The problem is that Big Data doesn’t really help your organization to better control operations or to glean insights into what can and should be improved.  To do that, the data must be transformed into Better Information (the other BI).  And the best information is that which you can use to improve your bottom line.  The next step is to present this Better Information in an intuitive format.  That is what good Business Analytics will do for a company.

Our selected Tools

For business intelligence to serve your business and help you grow and work on the business, we apply the principles of accessibility, user friendliness, and purpose-driven tools. Using these principles as a guide, E&A uncommonly leverages IT tools that present insights for your organization.


Our SQL-based report solution for SX.e, FACTS, and TakeStock that delivers prebuilt visualized content to users via MS Excel or Power BI


Our Azure SQL-based report solution for CSD that delivers prebuilt visualized content to users via MS Excel or Power BI

Infor Birst

The solution that is delivered with CSD and is configured with Distribution Analytics prebuilt Content.  Custom Birst reporting can also be configured.

Microsoft Power BI

The tool that we use for our Optimization Tools can be connected to our Data Warehouse for powerful reporting.


Our TakeStock Reporting option that schedules delivery of TakeStock reports to users in a PDF or Excel Format


Our CSD Reporting option that delivers the contents of standard CSD reports to users in an Excel Format

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    Business Analytics

    Business Analytics will show you important information and compare it to company or industry KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) so that a business can understand where it has been, where it is, and where it is going.  It’s no surprise to know that we can only change or improve on future business transactions, so being able to better forecast or predict the future becomes a game-changer.