Warehouse Labor Constraints

It is the process of handling your products in your warehouse that often requires the most amount of labor and, in the past, would need to scale to match your throughput. Given the shortage of qualified labor to staff the warehouse and the resulting demands that this has placed on the wage scale, properly managing and automating warehouse activities is essential to become an efficient and profitable supplier.

Warehouse Management Solutions

Körber Edge Warehouse Management Solutions
  • Formerly known as High Jump, Accellos, Radio Beacon
  • A robust solution that can connect with a variety of ERP solutions including all of the Infor Distribution solutions that E&A supports.
Total Warehouse Logistics

The CSD/SX.e warehouse management solution.


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E&A’s warehouse management solution for FACTS that brings scanning into the FACTS ERP.


E&A’s multi-bin tracking option for ProWarehouse.

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    Shipping Logistics Solutions


    E&A’s parcel shipping integration module for CSD


    E&A’s parcel shipping integration module for all Infor ERP’s – on premise


    E&A’s integration to Ship Station for FACTS.


    Robust LTL and Parcel shipping Integration for CSD/SX.e

    Proof of Delivery

    Infor’s POD module for CSD that allows your drivers to collect signatures and document a delivery with photos.

    Open Shipping Connector

    E&A has created a open shipping gateway that we can use to easily connect with any modern shipping logistics solution.

    The Right Tool for the Right Problem

    Having worked with nearly 1000 companies over the years, we recognize that different organizations and different industries embrace warehouse and shipping automation differently. To support this, E&A has assembled a suite of solutions that range some simple bar code identification of products all the way to automated conveyors systems opportunities.