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E&A specializes in servicing the SMB discrete manufacturer (“SDM’s”). The requirements and constraints of each SDM are distinctive. No two SDM’s have the same needs or demands placed upon them. However, there are methodologies and practices a SDM needs to explore and embrace to thrive.

E&A’s diverse experience in both industrial manufacturing and distribution, rich enterprise resource solutions history and agility of approach to each of its customers enables E&A to service a wide array of order and fulfillment environments for a variety of SDM made-to-order, engineer-to-order and assemble-to-order sales models. Be it in ERP implementation, Change Management or Business Optimization, E&A has an established track record of helping SDM’s to become a better version of themselves. E&A is uniquely qualified and experienced in supporting the hybrid manufacturer – distributor business model in the evolution to onboard distribution or manufacturing competencies for either the manufacturer or the distributor, respectively.

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    For over forty-five years, E&A has helped SDM’s servicing both the public and private sectors across a broad spectrum of B2B market verticals in the special order of OEM or after-market manufacturing of electrical & industrial specialty tools & fasteners, electrical components, lite and heavy metal fabrication, building materials and automotive & industrial machinery custom parts, to name a few.