ERP Consulting Services

As the bar for organizational efficiency continues to be raised, it is important for an organization to have an Enterprise Resource Planning solution (ERP) that is both agile and stable enough to interconnect with the various specialty solutions that departments require. In fact, even the word ERP has lost meaning in today’s world.  As E&A sees it, your ERP is the backbone application solution environment.  It keeps all the pieces in alignment so they can work together solving both department and company-wide issues.

Areas of Expertise in ERP

ERP Requirements

The first step in an ERP project is to document and prioritize what the requirements are. This is a very important process. Our Consulting Services team has decades of experience working with ERP implementations and can use that experience to help your company get it right and not make some of these common mistakes. Learn More

ERP Solution Evaluation and Selection

Evaluating software is a time-consuming process.  Our Consulting Services team can help lead that evaluation, set proper expectations, and keep your team focused on what is important, which includes properly documenting the activities.

ERP Implementation Services

Our team can provide Project Management Services on any ERP Implementation Project, as well as various degrees of Implementation and Integration Services, based on the ERP solution sets chosen.  During this, our ISOC/SIP methodologies assure that implementations are agile and are focused on what is important. ERP implementation should set the stage for a Process of Continuing Improvement going forward. The “Big Bang”, “One and Done” implementations are not practical for most organizations.

ERP Process Enhancement

Once the initial ERP conversion is achieved, the best run organizations implement methodologies to support a Process of Continuing Improvement, focusing on the constraints or bottlenecks of that organization. Our team can apply our experiences in determining the bottlenecks that are truly impactful to the throughput of the organization to help prioritize and guide subsequent activities.

ERP Integration

In today’s cloud-based world, it is even more important to build integration solutions that are not easily susceptible to on-going changes in the cloud environment.  Our team has experiences in helping get integrations done the right way, both during an implementation or as part of later phases of process improvement.

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    Getting it Right

    The risk of failure in an ERP deployment can be damaging to an organization. The vision and improvements that the ERP project was supposed to deliver is never achieved. Even worse, resources are wasted attempting the implementation. The reasons to improve are still in place and likely even more critical. Moral suffers when deployments are extended or fail.