Business Optimization – Why it Matters

In today’s economy, to stand out, to grow market share, and to be profitable at doing it, a business must become better – become better than it was before and to become better than its competitors. Customers and suppliers perceive excellence, and they gravitate to it. A commitment to the pursuit of excellence is how a company garners more business and grows profitably. This is what Business Optimization is all about, a commitment to the pursuit of excellence.

E&A’s Approach to Business Optimization

E&A’s approach to Business Optimization covers the full spectrum of Process Change Management, Business Planning, and Sales Optimization. All of E&A’s methodologies and tools are designed to empower decision makers with the capability to identify opportunities within the perspective of what means the greatest positive change for their businesses. This is accomplished by framing data within the context of relationship and what is relevant to their business. Data is presented in terms of relationship – in relationship to other downstream and upstream company operations and actions and to the business goals that are influenced by it. In this manner, data rises to the level of information which helps convey how seemingly disparate activities relate and meld together to affect an entire organization. Decisions made based on information are far superior to those based on mere data when driving strategies that impact business performance. It is this distinction between data and information which allows E&A’s approach to Business Optimization transcend the mere quantification of data to providing decision makers roadmaps to success personalized to their specific requirements and business environments.

E&A Business Optimization Tools – Enhanced Information-Driven Business Management & Decision Making


A Business Planning and Process Change Management tool connecting hundreds of industry accepted distribution and manufacturing analytics personalized to particular company operating and financial goals in one easy to use interface.


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A personalized Customer Stratification Modeling tool to define sales strategies that grow top line revenue, margin, and EBITDA in one easy to use interface.


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    The Key to Business Optimization

    The cornerstone to embracing and delivering on a commitment to the pursuit of excellence is the ability to identify opportunities for positive change. This includes having the capability to assess the merits of opportunities against each other, weighing each’s impact, costs, and consequences, both  individually and holistically on the entirety of an organization. With such insight, a decision maker possesses the confidence to decide on which opportunities to pursue which are the most beneficial and in the best interest of the company overall.