Tommy Williams

Sr. Distribution Business Consultant

“How do I fix it or protect it?”. Those are the words that I have marched by over my 40-year career in the IT industry. I began my journey on the back dock of a computer repair depot in a shipper/receiver role. I worked my way up through the technical ranks for several years before transitioning into sales and management roles. The first part of my career was spent dealing with the service and support of PC and networking products. This included selling and managing many multi-million-dollar contracts to provide help desk support, onsite maintenance, project management, consulting services, and sole source product arrangements. Industries worked with this during this period included insurance companies, food manufacturers, banking, and legal offices.

The last 17 years of my career have been spent assisting companies with their ERP evaluation process. The first 10 years were spent working primarily with the various verticals that make up the rental and service industries. SMB companies were the focus of these efforts during this period. I made the move to E&A over 6 years ago. Since that time, I have had the opportunity to work with many distribution companies as they navigate their journey through the ERP selection process. My time spent working my way up through the ranks helps me empathize with the various roles that will be impacted by a potential software change. Applying the same “How do I fix it or protect it?” principle to all the roles impacted, whether it’s the customer or E&A, allows me to consistently architect “Win-Win” solutions for all.