How Manufacturers Can Grow Profitably Using Item Stratification

December 5, 2023
Thomas F. Fitzgerald, CPA 

Smart Inventory Investment that Drives Top-line Revenue and Bottom-line Profit

Would you like your inventory strategy to result in happy customers and increased profitability?

This unique educational Guide describes a framework for using item stratification to grow top line revenue, margin, and EBITDA. It will help you address intense pressures such as rising interest rates and costs, fluctuating marketing demand, and weaknesses in your supply chain.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to avoid the mindset of sales-at-any-cost that can result in a cycle of eroding inventory ROI, margins, and net profit.
  • How to assess your inventory items’ potential to generate revenue and profit.
  • How to address the challenges you may encounter when implementing item stratification and customize the analysis for your business.
  • Why item stratification is a critical strategy and how it will affect the success of your business.

What’s Inside:

Chapter 1: Item Proliferation – An Unintended Consequence
Chapter 2: Item Stratification: Fundamental Concepts
Chapter 3: Item Stratification: Challenges
Chapter 4: What Item Stratification Can Do For You
Appendix I: Item Stratification Model – Graphical Representation
Appendix II: Explanation of KPI Measure & Scoring
Appendix III: Scoring & Weighting Charts

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Thomas F. Fitzgerald, CPA
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