How to Put ‘The Marine Corps Way’ to Work at Your Business

September 9, 2016

Solutions for Wholesale/Distributors

The Marine Corps Way to Win on Wall Street: 11 Key Principles from Battlefield to Boardroom’ by Ken Marlin is written with clarity of purpose. Lt. Marlin served ten years with distinction in the Marine Corps before venturing into a highly successful business career. Over the past twenty years, Lt. Marlin has founded and managed the award-winning investment banking firm, Marlin & Associates. His inspiring book will reward readers who believe that business can be conducted in a fair, ethical and mutually-rewarding manner.

In this whitepaper, wholesale/distribution industry expert John Mansfield draws inspiration from Lt. Marlin’s book. As a leader in best practices including the use of innovative Customer Stratification technologies, John is uniquely qualified to discuss how you can put ‘The Marine Corps Way’ to work at your wholesale/distribution business.

Click the button below to download your free copy of the How to Put ‘The Marine Corps Way’ to Work at Your Business. The whitepaper is published by the E&A/StratMax Partnership, whose Customer Stratification tools have been proven to help grow more sustainable and profitable wholesale/distribution enterprises.

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