Total Warehouse Logistics “TWL”

Total Warehouse Logistics (TWL) offers Infor CloudSuite Distribution and SX.e users, an integrated paperless bar-code driven approach to improving warehouse productivity, accuracy and overall operational efficiencies. The TWL system addresses warehouse workflow, including product movements, receiving, putaway, shipping, picking, and counting. These warehouse tasks are managed in a real-time environment supported through a variety of Data Collection devices, freeing warehouse operators to manage resources and personnel without concerns about system impact. TWL enables each warehouse to function with its own parameters, data, and rules, yielding more efficient, effective, and profitable performance.

Total Warehouse Logistics provides a platform to help address concerns with warehouse productivity by:

  • Reducing Errors
  • Improving Workflows
  • Optimizing Inventory
  • Optimizing Warehouse layouts
  • Automating Processes
  • Integrating Information

Below are some of the functional benefits Total Warehouse Logistics users enjoy:

  • PO, Multiple PO, EDI/ASN receiving
  • Multiple receivers per PO/Shipment
  • Vendor cross-reference maintenance
  • Ability to receive containers
  • Real-time reconciliation to purchase order
  • Real-time view of picking processes
  • Cross dock processing
  • Damaged goods routing
  • Pallet/carton/piece control
  • Directed and non-directed bin assignment
  • Warehouse Analytics

Find out more about this great solution for first-time warehouse automation users or to learn about more advanced options to further automate your warehouse.