Customer Experience

Your customers access your brand in many different ways; are the experiences all good?


Customers call, email, come to your location to pick up material or pay for goods. Your delivery team takes product to them, you ship product via USPS, UPS, FedEx, and LTL/TL carriers. When they interact with your people, packaging, website, and products, they are interacting with your brand.


Your business system, your ERP, manages the transactions for your customers. If you are managing spreadsheets and processes outside the ERP, your customer has little or no visibility to that information. To provide the best in class service to your clients—the kind that makes them loyal to you—you need interconnected systems and people. Technology is a lever that you can pull to enhance the customer experience. Start improving profitability by employing the best business practices in distribution.


It’s common to sell technology. It’s uncommon to use it to build a better, more profitable business. Be uncommon. It’s where profit and customer loyalty intersect.


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