You buy online every day. Why can’t your customers purchase from your business online?


With each passing year online shoppers are demanding more. Your customers expect you to deliver more convenience, more information, and more services. Offering an attractive and complete online catalog may have been enough a few years ago. But now, your customers want a higher level of service.

What your customers are looking for is to not just enter a order. Rather they want to easily find what they’re looking for and receive their goods quickly—all with exceptional service.


E&A’s Storefront solution from Infor can help you deliver the kind of service that:

  • Enhances customer satisfaction by making it more convenient to do business with your company.
  • Expands your ecommerce services without burdening your customer service staff.
  • Gives you the ability to have multiple sites for specific product lines if desired.
  • Delivers a wide range of convenient services to supplement core ecommerce activity.
  • Lets you easily upgrade to new ecommerce capabilities as business needs dictate.
  • Allows you to more easily offer B2C and B2B services in multiple markets around the globe.
  • Provides easy access to product and account information for you and your customers.

Storefront seamlessly integrates with SX.e and FACTS providing distributors with:

Advanced search:

  • Improve the shopping experience with the award-winning Progress EasyAsk® tier-one search engine and navigation technology.
  • EasyAsk complements Storefront by helping customers view search results by relevance, and refine search results by sub-category, product attributes, or search within search.
  • Breadcrumb navigation helps shoppers keep track of their location on your web storefront and what keywords have been entered.


  • Receive customer orders and reach shoppers anytime, anywhere, with Storefront’s complete self-service capabilities.
  • Customers can view order history, order status, back orders, open accounts receivable, and maintain passwords on their schedule.
  • Customers can also access product images, extended product descriptions, and links to additional information with just one click.

Advanced checkout capabilities:

  • Support fast and easy checkout, including credit card processing and an “on account” option for B2B customers.
  • Customers can see extra charges, such as freight, tax, and special handling on the item detail screen and in the shopping cart.

Lists, specials, and markdowns:

  • Target specific items for markdown, promotion, or clearance with specials lists.
  • Provide customers with a simple re-order form to quickly add products to their shopping cart with personalized shopping lists. Let users customize content so they can track products of interest with wish lists.

Online catalog:

  • Efficiently create and offer a comprehensive online product catalog that promotes a positive shopping experience with simple and intuitive navigation. You can have multiple catalogs to support the specific needs of customers, allowing them quick access to their items without searching through all of your product that may be targeted for other industries.

Multiple contacts:

  • Notify multiple contacts when a new order or quote is entered in the system. All email addresses assigned to a Storefront account will receive an order confirmation, making it possible to instantaneously keep multiple departments informed of inbound supplies and delivery times.

Search analytics:

  • Gain valuable insight into how shoppers are using your web storefront. Search analytics informs you what keywords are producing no search results, most commonly used keywords, what categories are being viewed most often, and which are not, as well as words that are being spell-corrected.

Budgets, spending limits, and approvals:

  • Address the specific budget requirements of customers, such as the ability to set up accounts with the authority to approve orders, shop, or submit orders.
  • You can also create budget years, periods, and budget amounts for a single customer.
  • Create account-level order spending limits and automate email notifications throughout the approval process to requesters and approvers.


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