Production Management

Eliminate complexity and keep the focus on your customers and achieving your financial goals.


Managing competing and changing customer priorities, unforeseen resource limitations and disruptions, estimate to plan conflicts, outside services dispatches, and shipping logistic planning all converge to make the production floor the most challenging and complex component of your overall order fulfillment process.


E&A can work with you to bring calm and control to your production floor by strengthening the collaboration and integration across your estimating, order, production, and shipping departments. E&A systems apply leading-edge best practices and data collection technologies in the areas of:


  • Multi-Level Bill of Materials Creation and Work Order Router Integration
  • Outside Services Dispatching Control
  • Finite and Infinite Production Scheduling
  • Integrated Order and Inventory Stocking Replenishment
  • Real-Time Production Status Visibility
  • Mobile Material Issuance and Location Control
  • Seamless Multi-Site Production Floor Management
  • Integrated Quality Inspection and Shipping


Contact E&A to learn how we help companies with complex and elastic production environments execute with confidence, nimbleness, and focus.