Sales Optimization

The heartbeat of a distributor is in the sales department. Is your business’s heart healthy?


It’s too easy to say that nothing happens until something is sold. That’s old thinking. However, the heartbeat is the leading indicator of what is happening throughout a body. If the leading indicator in your business is beating fast, it’s fair to say a lot is going on, and if it’s beating slow, the organization may be at rest. So what? How do you optimize the sales function?


Distributors today need actionable information, and E&A knows how to bring information to life. It’s part of what makes us the uncommon denominator. How many software organizations want to know how you are achieving growth and funding it? E&A strives to know more about your business so we can be a partner in helping you achieve your goals. We believe technology should enhance profitability and be easy to access with intuitive interfaces. This enables your entire organization to know more about their work, the data, and results of their actions.


Sales optimization has two main touch points: actionable information and sales enablement. Whether it’s mobility tools that E&A has developed for your team, business intelligence tools that guide you to opportunities with existing clients, or management tools to remind, coach, or close more business today and tomorrow, E&A uncommonly has all of these to optimize your efforts.

We are profitability improvement specialists.


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