Understanding ERP

What you need to know about Enterprise Resource Planning.


During the daily grind of running your business, thinking about all the ways to make it run at peak efficiency is challenging at best. Manufacturers and distributors of every size are using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to integrate departments and technologies that once operated inefficiently and independently. While ERP is becoming increasingly prevalent, the name itself does little to illuminate its purpose.


What is ERP?

ERP encompasses everything from inventory monitoring to using Business Intelligence (BI) to make business sense out of trends and opportunities. Essentially, ERP is a software platform that automates core business processes, improves a company’s ability to respond to customer needs, and offers a “right now” view of data that can drive profitability. To make sense as an investment, an ERP implementation should be compatible with every facet of your business.


We’re more than software consultants. We’re business profitability experts.

Because we form deep connections with the businesses we serve, our responsibility goes way beyond setting up efficiency software. It extends to intensive profitability plans and ongoing education. That’s what separates Earnest & Associates from other ERP installers. And it’s why our implementations are so successful.


Start thinking about higher profitability now.

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