Our Process

The ISOC™ philosophy represents our solution to enterprise systems management in the small to midsize business (SMB) marketplace. With ISOC™, we have made the acquisition and maintenance of best-in-class ERP systems and processes a practical reality while marginalizing the threat of runaway ERP projects that fail to deliver on their promises.


Through the ISOC™ systems management process, our customers can successfully implement high caliber business solutions with the assurance that:


  • Systems solutions are properly fitted to the business environment
  • Resources expended are not disproportionate to the desired outcome
  • Resources are not expended unless absolutely necessary—and not until the time needed
  • Solutions are delivered in the most efficient time frame possible
  • Risk tolerance is commensurate with the systems solution objective


We believe our ISOC™ approach allows our customers to successfully deploy their systems solutions within their unique set of constraints and yield the highest return on their investment in the shortest time frame possible.