Off System Process:  Are they hampering your ability to scale?

February 15, 2019
Thomas F. Fitzgerald, CPA 

Here’s what we learned recently with a client. The client was on a version-locked ERP, and we were excited to be given the opportunity to help them move to a new business management system.  That was about 9 months ago, and now they are live on their new system!

Despite having many discovery meetings during our sales cycle where we learned rich details about their business, during the implementation we still found many departments had off-system processes that we hadn’t uncovered.  There were manually-maintained Excel™ tracking spreadsheets for warranty processing records; there were spiff tracking & payroll tools in Word™ docs; and there were even hand-written notebooks holding critical information.

All of that disconnected data was impossible to leverage in their ERP, and mid-project this created an opportunity for us to help them rethink these processes.  This is not an uncommon occurrence during a major ERP migration.  Businesses often don’t realize how many off-system processes their departments use using, and as a result, they fail to understand how much critical business information is completely isolated, underutilized, and vulnerable.

What tools would you like to see in your ERP that are currently being tracked off system? A call with us can help you see how moving to a more powerful ERP can bring those processes and their isolated data into the light, transforming them into assets for your entire organization.

Thomas F. Fitzgerald, CPA
Thomas possesses over 40 years of experience driving proven results in corporate financial management, spanning the scope of strategic planning, merger & acquisition, market/product targeting, sales plan integration, operations control & review, cash flow management, capital acquisition, income tax planning & compliance, wealth preservation planning, and enterprise resource planning design...
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