Tools of Your Trade

March 21, 2019
Thomas F. Fitzgerald, CPA 

Make a Difference…

In almost every career, your success can be tied directly to how well you know the tools of your trade.  For a wood worker, it’s table saws and jigs; for software developers it’s languages, directives, libraries, and technologies.  People who know their tools create success in business.  Those who lack detailed knowledge of the tools of their trade are destined to be the proverbial hammer trying to bang a screw into a piece of wood.

You ask your procurement team to buy the right quantity of the right things at the right time.  You ask your marketing team to price your products to maximize your profitability.  But have you insisted that they know the tools of their trade?

For them to excel, it’s not enough to know how to create a PO or how to create a price contract.  Your teams need a deep understanding of ERP, including how to leverage the full power of the tools available to them.

…By Knowing Your ERP

Do they know what’s available that your company isn’t using today?  Do they know why you aren’t using it?  Do they know what parameters are available to control replenishment and what their purposes are?  Do they know how other businesses are using those parameters and what results they are seeing?

Your leaders and managers need to know the tools that are available to them so they can make good use of all that technology you’ve given them!  Without that knowledge they are limited in their ability to drive results for your business.

The most successful companies regularly invest in education.  And when you consider how much one mistake can cost you and how much one great decision can save you, education pays you back.

Thomas F. Fitzgerald, CPA
Thomas possesses over 40 years of experience driving proven results in corporate financial management, spanning the scope of strategic planning, merger & acquisition, market/product targeting, sales plan integration, operations control & review, cash flow management, capital acquisition, income tax planning & compliance, wealth preservation planning, and enterprise resource planning design...
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