Dale Winterbauer

Business Unit Manager

Dale has spent his entire career helping customers improve operations and increase productivity. He has spent most of his career working as a consultant and partner to numerous small and medium sized businesses, but also spent 10 years as an end-user (as a customer of E&A!).

Dale’s focus throughout his career has been solving problems through technology. He started his career as a software developer, building his own successful company when he saw a problem that needed to be solved. His development background, understanding of business principles and a strong desire to build partnerships has proved to be a winning formula.

In 2005, Dale sold his business and went to work for the largest RV Parts distributor in the country as the leader of their IT organization. That is when he was introduced to E&A. He spent the next 10 years designing and implementing process improvements, both on his own and through E&A.

Dale joined Earnest & Associates in 2016 and returned to his roots. He continues to work with customers and considers them to be partners in an ongoing process of continuous improvement. Dale’s passion is to understand the challenges an organization faces and to figure out how to best make improvements that will benefit their bottom line.