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Growing Profitably Using Customer Stratification


How Customer Stratification Can Drive Revenue and Profit Growth

The post-COVID economy taught businesses a harsh lesson – without sufficient liquidity, companies cannot navigate and adapt to market disruption. As a result, businesses must find growth strategies that stimulate higher profits and yield higher returns on two of their core assets – inventory and customer base.  Many companies tend to go into reactive mode […]

2024 NAW Executive Summit Recap: Economists Caution Businesses to Prepare Now in Three Critical Areas

The overriding message from the 2024 NAW Executive Summit this year had a lot to do with the economic forecast for the next seven years. “Planning ahead” doesn’t mean mapping out a strategy for the next few years. Instead, leaders need to lay the appropriate groundwork in 2024 and even 2025 in preparation for what […]

Beyond ERP Modules: Securing Profitability With Business Improvement Apps

When an ERP system is implemented effectively, it can become the foundation for performance excellence — ”foundation” being the operative word. However, out-of-the box functionality can only go so far. Investing in the right business improvement applications to augment your ERP’s standard capabilities can produce a game-changing combination that in the end fuels both growth […]

Wholesale Distribution Strategy: Are You Promoting Your Business in all the Wrong Places?

How distributors can align the right messages with the right customers in the right places. As a distributor, you know that customer-facing business documents provide an excellent opportunity to promote your business. Your existing customers are the best source for growing sales, so it’s a no-brainer that you whenever you send a document to one […]

Building a Responsive Supply Chain Strategy

Who would have thought a term like “supply chain”, traditionally reserved for business and boardroom discussions, would become a topic du jour with the average consumer? It has–and not because it’s an overly compelling topic. “Supply chain” is now part of our everyday dialogue because almost everyone felt the impact of interruptions when the pandemic […]

Growth through Distribution Innovation: The Key Theme from the TUG CONNECTS 2023 Conference

Authors: Thomas Fitzgerald and Tim Plotner The TUG CONNECTS 2023 Conference brought hundreds of distribution professionals together for a week of interactive networking and education. The educational sessions covered many topics, but the central theme of the conference came down to the need for distributors to focus on synergy and innovation. Innovation can propel companies […]

Lean Supply Chains in Turbulent Times

How can distributors maintain a lean supply chain when marketplace turbulence compels them to buffer for hard times ahead? Before the pandemic, accurate forecasting and demand planning made supply chain management somewhat predictable. Distributors within a lean supply chain were able to deliver more customer value with diversified product inventory while reducing operating expenses.  Since the […]

Technology Implementation Best Practices for Distributors

Distributors equipped with the right technology solutions can reduce costs and operational inefficiencies, boost performance and productivity, enhance their employee experience, and even transform the customer journey. But selecting the right technology is only part of the equation. Your implementation strategy is an important factor in determining how effectively any given solution can impact overall […]

Distribution KPIs that Drive Performance

Over the last few years, distributors have had more than their fair share of challenges, ranging from supply chain disruptions and inventory issues to unpredictable consumer behaviors and labor shortages. Many of these challenges may be here to stay, so the businesses that will succeed may be those that revisit their success strategy and take […]