Expand Your Market Reach and Sell More with eCommerce

At E&A, our business revolves around one goal: helping your company build and maintain its competitive advantage with best-in-class business solutions. More than software consultants, we take the time to understand your business, your customers, and everything in between so we can maximize your profits and growth.

To help you deliver the kind of service that enhances customer satisfaction and makes doing business with you more convenient, we’ve partnered with Unilog to offer a connected content and commerce solution that meets your customers where they are and simplifies your path to success.

As experts in your market, Unilog knows your customers, your competition, and your challenges, which is why they developed an intuitive eCommerce platform that helps you tap into omnichannel sales opportunities and create a digital twin of your business. Industry-focused for independent businesses like yours, CX1 CIMM2 includes all the tools and functionality to deliver next-level eCommerce experiences for your customers.


Trustworthy Product Content

Unilog’s flexible content subscription plans give you access to over 10 million actively managed SKUs that are unmatched in depth and value, so you can ensure you always have the latest attributes and pricing. The CX1 Product Content platform continually updates and normalizes the data for you, giving you the latest information to publish across your eCommerce operations.

Feature-Rich eCommerce Platform

Built with your business and customers in mind, CX1 eCommerce from Unilog enables you to create a digital storefront that enhances customer loyalty, drives retention, and increases revenue with streamlined transactions. CX1 eCommerce helps you simplify the online buyer journey with safe and frictionless checkout, RFQs, multiple shipping methods, payment options, and more.

Growth Opportunities

A digital branch is a profitable extension of your in-store experience that drives revenue and grows your business. Many of Unilog’s customers realize 40% to 90% higher AOV from their eCommerce sales than traditional offline sales channels. Their integrated portfolio of connected product content and commerce solutions provides a flexible eCommerce solution, unmatched product content, dynamic information management, and the system connectivity to power deeper customer engagement.