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Lean Supply Chains in Turbulent Times

How can distributors maintain a lean supply chain when marketplace turbulence compels them to buffer for hard times ahead? Before the pandemic, accurate forecasting and demand planning made supply chain management somewhat predictable. Distributors within a lean supply chain were able to deliver more customer value with diversified product inventory while reducing operating expenses.  Since the […]

Technology Implementation Best Practices for Distributors

Distributors equipped with the right technology solutions can reduce costs and operational inefficiencies, boost performance and productivity, enhance their employee experience, and even transform the customer journey. But selecting the right technology is only part of the equation. Your implementation strategy is an important factor in determining how effectively any given solution can impact overall […]

Employee Experience Strategy for Distributors

The best distributors in the industry make creating a positive employee experience a top priority. That’s because it’s closely correlated with increased productivity. Moreover, companies with satisfied employees also tend to have happier customers.  Having a positive employee experience is also associated with lower turnover, a greater ability to attract top talent for open positions, […]

Control Costs to Drive Profit